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TS&A Events offer a full turnkey offering for video production and the use of multimedia for our events, from conferences, to corporate events and gala dinners or award ceremonies. We start with concept and script, all the way through to casting, filming, voice, edit and final production. Our aim is to produce videos that are relevant and focused, that grab and keep the attention of the audience as well as evoking high levels of engagement. Our years of experience have made us cognisant of the huge costs involved in producing videos and presentations for companies, so we try our hardest to bring best value for our clients, with videos that have a longer lifespan than just one event.

The use of multimedia to amortise the high costs associated with event video production is something we highly recommend. Not only helping to stretch the budget, using different forms of media works well to keep the audience stimulated and their minds in the room. With current research indicating that the average human attention span is approximately 8 seconds – less than that of a goldfish – it’s vital that every piece of video content achieves its objective; and fast!

Producing videos and presentations for corporates and conference clients is a balancing act – our job is to produce pieces that meet and exceed the objectives, within budget, that a show a good ROI – not the easiest of tasks!

We have produced different types of video for various event and clients, such as:

Corporate videos

History pieces, looking back at a company’s progress from its inception to present day, are a popular choice – often used in training and recruitment, as they include the company’s culture and vision. Other videos, such as motivational, training or content specific, can be used post-event on intranet sites, to impart and entrench new facts and knowledge.

Content videos

We work closely with our clients to develop presentation content that is relevant and to-the-point. Using titling, stills, catchy headings and animation, TS&A Events can produce corporate videos of high quality that are specific to the event and beyond.

Conference material

There are often various elements in conference video production, starting with introduction pieces that set the tone for the event, as well as articulating the theme. Chapter videos are shown at the start and end of sessions, to stimulate interest and provoke a response. Video can be used for scene setting, as well as vignettes – inserts that are mostly funny, light-hearted pieces to offer a break from the serious conference content. Closing videos are a good way to sum up a conference, highlighting what has been covered, revisiting objectives and leaving delegates with a clear message of the conference goals.

We have found that the use of live theatre with video strengthens the message that is being communicated – multimedia reaches more people in different ways than using one medium at a time. Interactive experiences have far better results than one style presentations.

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