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When it comes to live performance, TS&A Events have extensive experience and trusted suppliers offering MC sourcing, corporate theatre, event speakers and entertainment of various kinds. With a very short time available to grab the attention of the audience, the use of live performance is a valuable tool in the eventing industry, one that goes hand-in-hand with the technical set-up and delivery, to ensure its success.

Finding a Master of Ceremonies (MC) that will keep an event running smoothly, with the audience engaged and excited, can be tricky – very often there is a need for the MC to cross over into the entertainment realm, having the ability to bring comedy, illusion or relevant anecdotes into their presentation. TS&A Events have sourced many great MCs for conferences, corporate events and award ceremonies.

If an event has multiple speakers, TS&A Events will also source and manage this aspect. “TED” style talks have proven to be very popular, bringing an interactive aspect to events, that equates to higher levels of engagement from the audience. We organise rehearsals and even content for speakers, as we know how quickly the tone and mood of an event can change if a speaker does not deliver.

Corporate theatre is a powerful medium to deliver a learning experience in an entertaining way. Far more impactful than traditional classroom training methods, participants are able to engage and relate to the performances. Timing is everything – introducing corporate theatre at the right stage of an event can help to keep the momentum, as well as relieve any possible tension or boredom that may be building up.

TS&A Events are constantly brainstorming and seeking out new and unusual live elements to bring to our events. Using entertainers and interactive performers to change stage sets between presentations, brings an element of surprise and wonder to an event – we find the audience entertained and curious about what might happen next.

We recommend combining live performance and video to bring maximum effect to an event – our experience has shown us the audience feels part of the story when engaged on different levels. The need for resonance is profound, which is why we constantly search for new ways to inspire.

When it comes to live entertainment, we have reliable and trusted DJs, dance groups, live bands, performers, illusionists and more that we can recommend. Bringing an event to a close with awesome entertainment is a great way to have the audience leaving the event on a high note, with a positive takeaway.

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