Gala Dinners And Award Ceremonies


A gala dinner  is a celebration – a joyous occasion to reward and recognise the achievements made, but is one that can go so wrong…

From the very start, where the theme and concept is developed, to invitations and appointing an MC, gala dinner management  is no different to other kinds of event planning. Here are just some of the things we do:

  • Sourcing entertainment to suit the audience demographic
  • Finding an MC who can really deliver on the night
  • Ensuring the technical side of the event will carry off without a hitch
  • Communicating with caterers to ensure all food and drinks requirements are on track
  • Working under extreme pressure and dealing with last minute changes, keeping the client in the loop at all times

We believe that our experience and knowledge of the event industry afford us the ability to give our clients valuable insights and great ideas to ensure their event leaves a lasting impression. Our project management skills are put to the test in every gala dinner event  we organise – the names of the events may be different, but the discipline of managing them remains the same.

Award ceremonies can be tricky, mainly because the only people really vested in the event, are the ones receiving an award. The rest of the guests are easily bored and distracted, so here our experience in recommending and planning visuals and music to keep everyone entertained comes to the fore.  We always recommend keeping award ceremonies  short and sweet, depending on the number of awards to be given out. Photo opportunities are important to manage too, to ensure no time is wasted in repeating a pose, over and over. Keeping the rest of the audience fed, entertained, with drinks quickly delivered, will ensure an event that will be remembered for the right reasons.

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