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The management of any project is probably the most critical role, defining its success. Which is why, at TS&A Events, we use all of our extensive experience to ensure that things get done the right way, from the word go. With more than 20 years in the field, we have a deep understanding of the event industry and we use that knowledge to ensure all our events are the best they can be.

Event planning is very rarely simple – it involves hundreds of details, most of which change at some point, leading to high stress levels and frayed tempers. We value professionalism above all things and strive to manage each project with this in mind.

Our company is “project management intense”, allowing us the luxury of being able to supervise our resources vigilantly, supporting them wherever necessary.

Here is our Top 10 of why we believe we’re great at project management:

We move mountains to make things happen, even when seemingly impossible.

We’re quite selective about with whom we work, choosing only suppliers who work with integrity and deliver skills and services of a high calibre.

For large events, there are many things to be taken into consideration, with safety being at the forefront. We work closely with the Joint Operation Committee (JOC) to ensure every aspect is covered, from evacuation routes, public liability insurance, approvals for temporary structures, permissions and requests for extra power, water, sanitation, waste management, health and safety…the list goes on and on. Ensuring we have permits, certificates of compliance and every By Law covered, is of paramount importance to us.

It’s the only way to work, by the book. We ensure we have watertight service level agreements, accurate floor plans, contact sheets and call sheets to prevent/manage the unthinkable.

Project management is about juggling several things at once – we’re pretty good at managing the last minute changes that come with every event.

It’s vital that all parties know what’s what, when it happens.

We’re really adept at keeping within the budget, even if we say so ourselves – and we’ll tell our clients when their choices are unrealistic.

Using online invitation management and introducing event apps keep our events up-to-date and relevant.

Every bit as important as the first meeting, we give valuable feedback and in turn value the feedback we get from our clients.

No matter how stressful the function, our event project management team are poised, graceful and calm, gliding through the chaos, while under the surface, paddling frantically to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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