Getting a show on the road adds a whole new dimension to the event planning and management process. The logistics of transporting equipment, people and sets can be complicated, so it’s important to use a roadshow company  that has proved its worth. The key to a successful roadshow is planning.

When TS&A Events are approached with roadshow planning, these are some of the aspects we focus on:

  • We conduct a recce of the proposed route of the roadshow, with emphasis on the set-up days, sight lines and access to the venue prior to the event.
  • The time of year – does it overlap with school or public holidays; what will the weather be like; any festivals or sporting events scheduled in any of the roadshow destinations?
  • Are the venues soundproof, if the event is likely to be noisy? Will there be noise bleed and does that affect the venue choice?
  • The turnaround time between roadshows – we have to ensure the timelines are not too tight, with the management of travel, accommodation and set-up.
  • The standby Plan B: preparing for disaster management, like extreme weather conditions, equipment failure, a breakdown in travel logistics or last minute changes.
  • Checking and double checking the technical equipment, sourcing generators if power supply is questionable – are they included or excluded in the price?
  • Organising multiple catering companies for each stage of the roadshow and ensuring the quantities are correct.
  • Event apps are becoming more and more popular – we work with a number of event app companies and source the app most suitable for each event.
  • Invitations – from the very first “save the date” to full real time RSVP tracking for attendance and catering purposes. We also offer onsite management services.

Experience has taught us to have many back up plans, in case something changes at the last minute or logistics are compromised. There are many variables and things that can go wrong during a roadshow, so we identify these and always make sure we have contingencies in place.

Finding reliable, best of breed suppliers in each region of the roadshow allows for a more cost-effective use of budget. Working with local suppliers in each region not only reduces the cost of logistics, but also stimulates economic growth in that region. We try where possible to support local without compromising the quality and standard of the roadshow, but will bring in our own suppliers if necessary.

Let us show you why TS&A Events are considered one of the country’s leading roadshow event management companies…and why TS&A Events have one of the lowest client turnover rates in the business.

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