The technical side of any event is the most important aspect – one which cannot go wrong. TS&A Events insist on using only the best in technical suppliers, the ones with a proven track record and a commitment to excellence. There’s no coming back from a technical blunder.

From lighting to music, AV systems and video or live feed broadcasts, we take care of the event equipment management, so our clients can focus their energy elsewhere. Working closely with the appointed event director, we orchestrate the order of the technical functions and insist on repeated testing. Sometimes the technical side of what we do is obvious, but most times it’s not – we take care of the many intricate details that create a subliminal experience.

TS&A Events insist on detailed technical drawings for every event, that correspond to the floor plans of the venue. We work with staging engineers to ensure every technical need has been addressed, using the best of breed suppliers for consistent, high-quality service. Our experience has taught us the importance of technical creativity and how it matches to the venue or event – we know the limitations and guide our clients accordingly.

Technical run throughs and reviews are imperative. Lighting is such a big part of an event – we go through the colour and movement of the lights, as well as the order, according to the schedule of events. Every entrance and exit on stage involves a sequence of light hue and movement – getting this right significantly raises the tone of an event. Sound is equally important, from background music and sound effects, to the AV requirement of speakers or entertainment. Even smells feature – injecting a subtle aroma at specific times can evoke positive reactions from the audience.

We focus on comfort – ensuring that monitors on-stage are positioned at the right height; making sure the light at the podium is sufficient; even using an Oscars style approach for speakers to read their cues off the back wall rather than a monitor – allowing for more audience eye contact.

We always plan enough set-up time so that rehearsals can be held onsite. Allowing adequate time for last minute changes is vital to the event running smoothly. Presentations are rehearsed, to avoid any miscommunications.

Detailed planning, down to the smallest cable, is what TS&A Events are famous for – we leave nothing to chance.

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