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As one would expect, the event décor of an event, from the reception area to the room, down to the tables, creates a lasting first impression, so there’s only one chance to get it right. At TS&A Events, we strive to bring our clients fresh ideas and inspirational concepts, within their budget. Where the procurement or hiring of décor is required, we enjoy solid relationships with high quality suppliers, who consistently deliver to our specifications.

Just as important, the event catering must be top notch. The most beautiful room, with precision management on all other services, will be overshadowed by mediocre food or poor waiter service. Cold food, not enough food, bland or uninteresting menus, special dietary requirements not met or food served not matching the original menu will not happen on our watch. Using trusted suppliers, we can arrange tastings prior to the event and can also make recommendations of types of menus that work best.

Catering is one of the most important elements of an event, as everyone always remembers if the food was good or not. To create that lasting impression, we ensure that the catering and food presentation is excellent. Many hotels and venues insist on using their own caterers, so we always arrange a food tasting prior to the event and monitor the food preparation. We find meeting with the chef to discuss the menu and food presentation, creates a challenge to explore new taste sensations and produce the finest food on the day.

Food and décor is a very sensory experience, and planning your event with this in mind is what TS&A Events pride ourselves on.

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