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This is probably the most difficult of all the TS&A Events services to get right – every person involved in the event planning has ideas and opinions on the creative concept for the event. This is why we spend time with our clients in understanding and defining the brief and try to get as many of the decision makers to attend the very first meeting. A lot of time can be wasted when a creative concept is decided and followed, only to be shot down in the last round of approvals by someone higher up the decision-making chain. We try to adhere to our method of creative development, keeping the decision makers informed, and trying to limit the creative iterations.

The creative concept is the backbone of the entire event, with each element carefully constructed to fill each requirement. The overall theme dictates structure and elements, tone and design. When brainstorming a concept, we work through the rationale behind the event – who, what, why, where and when. Based on this overarching information, we shape and form ideas that translate into visualisation and powerful messaging. Our goal is to find the “wow factor” and try to introduce new ideas to the event where possible.

We use a pitch process to communicate the creative concept to our clients, providing them with an overview of our understanding of the brief and our credentials. Most often in PowerPoint, we use video and multimedia in our pitch. We tell a short but powerful story of who we are, what the client needs, how we plan to do it, and why we’re the best events company to carry it off. In our pitch deck, we’ll explain what technology we use, show some examples of our concepts, clarify how our event management process works and showcase some of our similar past work. We know our competitors in this business, and will show how we’re different. We always bring up the budget and how we plan to stick to it, no matter what.

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