Arranging a conference that meets and exceeds its objectives, while being inspirational and full of energy at the same time, can be a mammoth task. The experienced team at TS&A Events have conference management in the bag – with many years and many successful conferences under their belts, this vibrant team has planned, managed and executed conferences for some top corporate clients.

It’s important when undertaking a conference event, to understand the tone and rationale behind the event. At TS&A Events, we work closely with venues, speakers and their scripts and the technical teams, to understand our clients’ needs. We co-ordinate rehearsals, arrange the artists’ dressing rooms, create in-depth staging plans – complete with technical drawings – while matching appropriate suppliers to stay within budget.

We can produce any size of conference or event, from small stagings to a large set – each event is treated with the same attention to detail. Our knowledge and experience ensures the event runs flawlessly, with every detail considered – like positioning the comfort monitor correctly, checking speaker notes or auto cue for efficacy, lighting at the podium, water on stage for speakers, getting the profile lighting balanced so it’s not too bright and covers all areas of the stage.

The content is key – in a society where multimedia and digital is so prevalent, we ensure the content meets the tone and professionalism of the conference.

We feel it’s most important to leave a lasting impression on both the client and every delegate attending the conference. Corporate gifting is another element of our service – we can source and procure the perfect gift that will send the kind of message our clients require.

TS&A Events is a member of the South African Association for the Conference Industry (SAACI), aligning our business with their standards of efficiency and professionalism for the conferencing and events industry. What makes our offering unique, is our service of managing the entire conference from the initial RSVP stage to the final post event meeting – balancing the budget against the brief and keeping the event within these parameters through regular status meetings with the client.

TS&A Events have staged and managed many successful conferences over the years and have found that the trend is to create an experience, rather than a conventional conference. The audience needs to walk away from the event feeling blown away, having completely bought into the message or concept that was being communicated.

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