We highly recommend using the services of an invitation management system for your event, and here’s why…

As an organiser of an event, there are so many details to co-ordinate and think about, that the last thing you need to be worrying about is chasing up invitation RSVPs. The RSVP Agency has event management software specifically designed to maximise the success of your event, with the highest possible guest acceptance rate.

A well-designed invitation is the make or break for first impressions. It sets the tone and theme for the event to come. The RSVP Agency provides a comprehensive design and artwork service, as well as copywriting to use the best language and tone to suit your target audience, creating a lasting first impression and high delivery rate.

Generic invitations have a far lower impact – people want to know you have thought of them as an individual. Each invitation is designed for your specific event.

Professional and personalised invitations delivered to the correct address at the right time.

You can track email invitation bounces and Out of Office notifications to see who has not received or responded to their invitations.

All attendees are sent an SMS reminder the day prior to the event, to ensure a high turnout.

With this software, you can allow chosen guests to forward the email invitation to others, which increases networking opportunities.

For simple tracking and organisation, you can use multiple guest lists and group the attendees accordingly, such as VIPs, Media or Staff.

RSVP’s event management software provides data integrity, flags incorrect email addresses and highlights duplicates on your list. Clients can also pull their own reports in real time.

Once a guest has accepted the invitation, it can be added to their iCalendar, along with iCal reminders.

The RSVP dashboard allows you to track live reports on your guest acceptances, declines or who have yet to respond, as well as the status of guests.

The Cloud Registration Software or QR Code App allows for simple guest registration linked to your iPad or Tablet.

With customisable event registration software, attendee data can be captured and made available in a variety of formats and reports. You can plan around the individual, with preferences or dietary requirements of each guest captured when they RSVP.

A fully briefed professional team of consultants can call guests who have not yet responded to the electronic invitation – this not only increases the attendance of your event, but also allows The RSVP Agency to improve your database integrity.

The software provides extensive duplicate data checking, as well as a full database integrity check and clean-up, which makes your next event management that much easier.

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